The Harm Reduction Outreach Network (HRON)

In addition to providing high-quality trainings, OHRN chairs a provincial network of Ministry funded harm reduction outreach workers. The Harm Reduction Outreach Network (HRON) is designed to connect outreach workers across the province to share resources, support and problem solve with each other. OHSUTP also chairs a network of the HRON members’ supervisors to ensure that members are being properly supported in their organizations.

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Other projects

OHRN has recently received one-time funding through the Ministry’s Harm Reduction Program Enhancement fund to help develop a toolkit of resources to support Public Health Units (PHU) in distributing naloxone and delivering training to community partners in the administering of the life-saving drug. Working in partnership with the Provincial Systems Support Program at CAMH, we co-chair a Community of Practice (CoP) to connect naloxone distribution leads at PHUs. The CoP meets online once a month to share resources and learn from each other about best practices, challenges, and lessons learned.

OHRN will also be partnering with the Ontario Harm Reduction Distribution Program (OHRDP) to share a position funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada to develop further tools and training for the best practices relating to harm reduction equipment.

OHRN staff also sit on a number of local, provincial and national working groups that keep us informed while allowing us to provide perspective and influence on various projects and initiatives. Groups include: the provincial Opioid Emergency Task Force; the Ontario Overdose Prevention and Naloxone Access Working Group; the Toronto Research Group on Drug Use (a Canadian Community Epidemiology Network on Drug Use site); and a national Drug Checking Working Group.