“I would like to thank you for offering such an informative and touching course. The brave people whom shared their stories are truly courageous and I appreciate all of them sharing. In particular, I was very moved by Rene’s story.” – Introduction to HIV Online Course Participant

“I found the training very informative and enjoyed going at my own pace. I especially liked the peer videos that described how it all affects real people in real life. Thank you for offering this training for free.” – Introduction to HIV Online Course Participant

“As someone who has never done meth, the input from someone who uses crystal meth was super valuable. The volume of information was excellent, and the fact that you included links and references to other resources so we could go deeper on our own.” – Methamphetamine Webinar Participant

“I am really excited to share this resource with my colleagues and other service organizations. As well as reviewing some of the existing information we provide and using the resources provided to compliment what we provide to clients. Thank you so much!” – Methamphetamine Webinar Participant

“Being able to better understand and talk about crystal meth. We don’t hear about it a lot in the North, but I feel better prepared for those times when people do talk about it.” – Methamphetamine Webinar Participant