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Upcoming Webinars

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TRANS AWARENESS: From The Basics to The Beyond


Improve your toolbox during PRIDE MONTH! Participate in our FREE webinars about Trans Awareness. These webinars will provide a foundation of knowledge to work better with trans and non-binary people.

Both webinars will feature people with lived experience sharing their knowledge and stories. 

Facilitated by Francisco CC Sapp. 


JUNE 04 OR 06 – 2019 – 1:00-3:00PM

Become more inclusive by understanding terms, definitions, and issues impacting trans and non-binary people and communities. 

• Learn language inclusive of trans/non-binary people

• Understand the many complex issues trans/non-binary folx face

• Learn skills on how to be a better ally to trans/non-binary communities.

Register for June 04: http://bit.ly/TransJune04

Register for June 06: http://bit.ly/TransJune06


JUNE 11 OR 13 – 2019 – 1:00-3:00PM

Pre-requisite: Prior knowledge or attendance of The Basics is encouraged.

Takes the conversation further with an in-depth look at issues affecting how and why trans and non-binary people access, or do not access services. 

• Understand the social determinants of health for trans/non-binary people by examining provincial data on mental health, substance use, and HIV risks

• Develop strategies to reduce barriers to services

• Learn what equipment resources are needed to make your harm reduction services more inclusive

Register for June 11: http://bit.ly/TransJune11

Register for June 13: http://bit.ly/TransJune13


We recommend you register soon. Open to staff and volunteers of health and social service organizations. Workers from the same agency are encouraged to register as a team and share a computer.

Certificates of participation will be provided by request. 

For questions, contact: info[at]ohrn.org

Webinar Recordings

Some of these webinars were developed by OHSUTP, the predecessor to OHRN.

OHRN Recorded Webinar Series: Methamphetamine

The Ontario Harm Reduction Distribution Program (OHRDP) is now distributing “bowl pipes” to harm reduction programs. Many workers have expressed they do not have a good understanding of methamphetamine, are not sure how “bowl pipes” are used, or find it challenging to work with people using “crystal meth”.

These interactive webinars will include people who use/used “meth” and  are intended for those working in harm reduction programs. They will be particularly useful for Harm Reduction Outreach Workers, Hepatitis C support teams, Public Health nurses, and staff of Needle Syringe Programs. The Information in this series is current as of October 2018.

Part 1 – Methamphetamine: The Basics (2 Hours)

  • Examine the history, pharmacology and effects of methamphetamine
  • Discuss how meth is used and the associated injection and inhalation equipment
  • Explore basic harm and risk reduction strategies
  • Facilitated by: Colin Johnson & Nick Boyce

Access Webinar: Part 1 – Methamphetamine: The Basics

Part 2 – Methamphetamine: Working with and supporting people who use (2 Hours)

  • Learn the signs of overdose and how to respond
  • Examine behaviours associated with methamphetamine use and strategies for engaging
  • Look at the process and supports for people looking to change their use
  • Facilitated by: Nick Boyce; Bryan Deresti & Sanda Kazazic (St. Stephen’s Community House Drop-in Program, Toronto)

Access Webinar: Part 2 – Methamphetamine: Working with and supporting people who use

Recorded Webinars: Harm Reduction Equipment

Learn about the equipment being distributed through the Ontario Harm Reduction Distribution Program (OHRDP), and the associated “Best Practices”. These recorded webinars are intended for people working in harm reduction programs who are distributing and/or exchanging equipment with people who use drugs. These webinars may be of interest to anyone working in health and social services, but will be particularly useful for Public Health Nurses working in harm reduction, staff of Needle Exchange Programs (NEPs), Injection Drug Use Outreach Workers, Hepatitis C Teams.

Goals for each webinar:

  • Ensure consistent knowledge about the equipment distributed
  • Learn about best practices for each piece of equipment

Crack Smoking Supplies (90 Minutes)

Learn about crack smoking equipment being distributed through the Ontario Harm Reduction Distribution Program (OHRDP), and the associated “Best Practices”. Registration is required.

Access Webinar: Crack Smoking Supplies

Injection Drug Use Supplies (90 Minutes)

Learn about injection drug use equipment being distributed through the Ontario Harm Reduction Distribution Program (OHRDP), and the associated “Best Practices”. Registration is required.

Access Webinar: Injection Drug Use Supplies

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